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The roof of your home should protect you for many years before it needs to be replaced. However, 
even though your contractor has taken all the necessary precautions when building the roof, 
the sometimes extreme weather conditions that we have in Quebec can cause problems. 
Let's see what is happening with asphalt shingle roofs.

The strong winds
High winds can lift asphalt shingles and lift them off. It is therefore necessary to re-glue them, and this, 
in order to avoid infiltration of water by the roof; infiltrations that could cause significant damage to other 
components of the building. These are minor jobs that should not be neglected. 
Therefore, after a windstorm, check the roof to see if shingles are missing or if shingles are raised or broken.

When inspecting the roof, you may notice granules in the gutter. When manufacturing shingles, 
manufacturers add a surplus of granules, which can be found in the gutter after several rains. It's normal. 
​Just clean your gutter.

The color variation
At the end of the day, you notice color variations on the slopes of your roof. This variation is attributable to several factors, 
including the color variation of the granules and the surplus of granules on some shingles. 
These differences will diminish over time and this situation does not affect the performance of your roof.

The accumulation of snow and ice
In recent years, temperature variations have been significant. We have experienced winters sometimes very snowy, sometimes very rainy. 
It can happen that large amounts of snow accumulate on certain sections of your roof. 
Although the roof structure is designed to withstand a certain load, large piles require intervention.

Do not take risks: clear or clear your roof to make sure it does not suffer.
When accumulations exceed 70 cm of thickness, it is necessary to act. With the episodes of thaw, 
this snow can turn into ice and prevent the normal flow of water. This can result in water infiltration and significant damage.

The appearance of algae
It is possible to see black marks appear on certain sections of the cover. This phenomenon is actually a development of algae. 
You will find that these black marks develop mainly on the north and west sides of the roof, where exposure to the sun is less present. 
It is possible to clean these traces with a TSP soap, or to install a zinc or copper strip at the ridge, which will create, 
in contact with the rain, an oxidation, which is a natural enemy of algae.

Practical tip
In the spring and fall, carefully inspect the condition of your roof. This test will save you a lot of trouble, 
while allowing you to clean the gutters and repair, if any, cracked sealers and damaged shingles.

Make sure you perform this work safely by:
• moving the ladder away from electrical wires;
• avoiding to support the ladder on the gutters;
• using the appropriate security equipment.
It should be noted that the installation of equipment such as antennas or domes may damage the roofing and cause water infiltration. The warranty offered by your contractor may be reduced or canceled if the damage is the result of a third-party installation.

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