Did you know that the first 90 seconds are the most important when a house visit?

Coup de coeur or disenchantment ... And if you put all the chances on your side for the first option? For this, nothing complicated: just a little time, organization and elbow grease for your house, such a model house, finds favor with the eyes of the greatest number of visitors ...

                                         1. The house will de-clutter

By entering a house full of furniture, moving boxes and personalized items often evidence of a busy house, visitors might feel uncomfortable and at first glance may not be able to imagine here as in their future home.

The idea is to de-clutter: we get rid of damaged furniture, we store personal items and leave as few traces as possible of our presence (Oh yes we are proud of our great daughter who has just graduated or little last one who makes the most beautiful daubings of the nursery ... .but .... we want to please the greatest number and not to tell our life during the visits).

In short, we empty, we sort, we throw and we get rid of the cupboards by removing of course everything that touches the privacy ... there was here a beautiful frame with your most beautiful wedding photos? Why not replace it with a beautiful plant, fresh and reviving the room for example?

The moment you decide to sell your house, it becomes a commercial product, see it as such ... hard to imagine at first, but let's see more ...

                                         2. The big storage you will do

Again, this seems self-evident but tidying up the house is a priority. Nobody wants to be labeled as "messy" and especially not when we sell our house so we always keep in mind that we want to please the greatest number: the house must be perfect!

And yes, I do not teach you anything but we do not all have the same idea of ​​what a row house ... for some the kitchen towel on the counter is not disturbing, for others and well what are teens you know what it is ... well no! do you know that your visitors may not know it or do not want to hear about it ... they come to buy a house!

Even if it is not necessarily the case, a house tidier could give the impression that you do not know how to maintain ... So we think to tidy ALL the house (yes yes even places sometimes forgotten in everyday life: cupboards, the children's room or even the garage where all our garden furniture is stored in bulk).

You can not imagine a day of free visit for example ask a couple not to enter such a room because .... oh this room? it's only our riddance ... yes but maybe for those same people it would have been a guest room or a gym in short everything goes, we leave nothing to chance.

                           3. Renovations if necessary you will take care

It is a question of repairing all the small damages caused by the daily, you know ... those which one does not see any more because one is accustomed to it but that the visitors, they will see at first glance! A small hole in a wall, a missing decorative skirting board or a burned-out light bulb: these are like mini-alerts in the eyes of possible buyers and there connections are going well: a wall marked by humidity - Oops, there is already had a water damage?
For visitors who see your home with "new" eyes, it can be discouraging, alert but also full of arguments to negotiate the selling price down! "You understand with all that I will have to repair because I myself do not know ... it will go to get an extra $ 5,000 in my budget ... It's a shame because the house I like a lot grrrrrrrr »

So for the value of your home does not plummet, as much do yourself these small jobs if possible ... the time of a weekend, with family or between a few friends with a BBQ day at the key in your future Home sweet Home? (and yes because they will have to ask them as good and loyal services for your development in your new dream home ....) but in the meantime, we get back to it we have a house for sale!

                                          4. As in spring you will clean

Again OK that goes without saying ... yes, but better to repeat ... a BIG cleaning and cleaning are needed. A little tip to imagine where to start? Imagine how much you would like your future home to be clean and sparkling ... .and apply all your wishes to your current home.

If we have already said that a less tidy house could give the impression that you do not know how to maintain it, conversely a clean and tidy house will be proof of a healthy environment and no unpleasant surprise for visitors ... Door handles, window trims, wall outlets, baseboard heaters, chandeliers, curtains, switches are all cleaned.

A gesture that could also be part of the great cleaning ... a good painting where it's needed ... when fingerprints on the corners of walls, splashing on the backsplash of the kitchen or impacts due to many moves are Too important, a good touch of paint can have a nice effect ... so many things that future buyers will not have to think ....

Small details but that could give an impression of sloppiness, even if it is only normal wear, in short a living house ... The buyers want to be impressed, seduced and to say to themselves: "What is she is well maintained this house! we just have to bring our effects. "

                                       5. The redevelopment you will do

We recapitulate ... we uncluttered, tidied, renovated and cleaned ... we have what to do?
We intelligently decorate the remaining furniture. As soon as they enter, the visitors must feel charmed and cold, be able to imagine living here and return peacefully the night of a hard day's work ... no question of getting to the corner of a piece of furniture in the kidneys. turning or stepping in the rug looking at the view from the master bedroom ...

Think for example of a day of free visit where your house would be so solicited that several families would be there at the same time ... No way that some are packed to let others pass or close the door to the nose of the second because the first are taking off their winter coat!

Upon entering the house every prospective buyer can get an idea of ​​its size, its capabilities, and the same for each room ... give each their full capacity, that everyone can see all the possibilities ... and that the greatest number of visitors is charmed.

Your bed sheets are shabby and you want to change them? do not wait, even if they buy "only" the house, it will always be the most beautiful effect ... a lounge area where the fireplace crackles in the middle of winter? A patio with a beautiful dining table ready to welcome several guests in summer? The potential of each piece will be suggested to the buyer, and not imposed 😉


                        6. A little decoration and your house will shine

We have said enough but we will repeat just in case. Any visitor must be able to imagine living in your home ... so we do not make it cold or "lifeless", we just decorate it more generally ... Even low-priced accessories can enhance the room, make it more beautiful ... we do not ask you to break your RRSP for the budget decor ... no, not a few candles, a nice mirror, a small plant are often enough to change the scene and dazzle our guests.

Once again, privilege simplicity, elegance without the pat in the eye ...
Just as important as the accessories, if not more: the light.

We remove the curtains too thick for simple curtains that highlight our large windows if that's the case. If you do not have this privilege, small floor lamps or candles in the center of the table are equally effective to light your home and shine the eyes of visitors.

Flowering plants will also be effective as long as there is no abuse. We do not sell a gardener but a house 😉

And do not forget the first impression on the way home, a smell of muffins freshly baked in the oven, a very discreet incense or some pretty flowers ... who does not succumb when imagining to come home at night?

                                                             In conclusion…

Clean, tidy, decorate etcetera easy to say you tell me ... but tell you that this exercise, even if it seems at first sight like a puzzle, could save you time, money to accommodate the biggest number of visitors and sell your house in less time than you need to say ... (and if you still have a bit of a pang in your heart by "hiding" your junior's golf trophies or soccer medals, tell them that they will have a more beautiful effect in your future new home to you ... then as much put all the chances on your side to sell quickly and well 😉