27 Mar 2019
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All the types of houses in Quebec

Alot of totally different types of houses exists. It then can be quite difficult to understand correctly each of those types of habitations in sale everywhere in Quebec as well as their related issues. Follow our guide in order to be better informed of the different types of habitations in Quebec.

The types of isolated houses (united house, bungalow, pilar, detached and cottage)

The house does not have any divided walls with another house. She is then detached on its own ground.

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The jumbled house (semi-detached)

Generally less expensive than an isolated house, the jumbled one shares a divided wall with another house.  So, there are two habitations re-attached together by a wall and each houses has its own grounds.

The townhouse

The house shares a divided wall on each side and also possess a proper ground. We find the townhouses of a minimum of three houses and up to four, five or even six units attached together with their own ground. Sometimes, we can even find more than six units attached together in some regions.

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Bordered townhouse

The bordered townhouse is simply a bordered habitation which is located on one of the two extremities.

The condominium (co-property, condo and loft)

The condominium, better known as a “condo”, is a type of co-property where these are owned by distincts owners. The building, which is grouping the condos are separated in equal parts between the co-owners, this is why some monthly or annual costs are related with the maintenance of these.

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Multiplex (duplex, triplex, quadruplex, quintuplex and more...)

Being the only building on the same ground, the multiplex offers multiples housing types. This type of property can be advantageous if you wish to reduce the cost of the mortgage associated with the purchase of a house. Here is a few examples:

  • Duplex (two units)
  • Triplex (three units)
  • Quadruplex (four units)
  • Quintuplex (five units)

The lodge

Often considered as a secondary home, the chalet is viewed as a type of habitation in Quebec