31 Jul 2018

Did you know that we can represent you for the purchase of any property on the market? Wether the house is for sale by the owner or by intervention of another real estate broker or agency.

Good day,

I am a real estate broker for 14 years. Today, our video … Why buying with a broker? The purchase of a house is surely one of the biggest investment of your life and surely the most emotional as well. We believe that it’s important to be followed by a competent broker, who will represent your interest and advise you properly. Did you know that we can represent you for any property on the market? Wether it is for sale by the owner or by the intervention of another broker. During a preliminary meeting, we take in note all your needs; type of houses searched, number of rooms, the sector and finally your budget. Are you searching for a turnkey house or with some renovations? With you, we do a search of properties and make you a real estate alert in order  for you to receive the news and price reductions by e-mail.

Here is some elements on which we pay attention when visiting with you; the seller declaration, the foundation, cracks, roofing, doors and windows, etc. Following a few visits, here we are, you have a love at first sight. We do researches on the history of the desired property. We establish its market value with the help of similar houses sold and taking in to account the general state of the property. Following that, we agree on a price to offer with you and proceed with the redaction of the promise of purchase. We present and negociate for you. Following the acceptation of the promise to purchase, we are helping you in the realization of your financing conditions, inspection and all the follow-up required for the realization of your project. Enjoy our expertise for the most important purchase of your life, make an appointement with us to discuss of your project.

See you later.